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            Alta Vista staff and planning provides intervention programs in reading and math throughout the instructional day.  Our school is a school wide Title 1 school and receives federal funds designed to assist schools in meeting the academic needs of our students through intervention programs.    Below is a brief summary of the programs currently offered to students at Alta Vista that are supported by Title 1 resources:


·       A literacy lab that provides additional reading intervention instruction to students in grades K-3.  The literacy lab is staffed by a certified reading specialist and 4 instructional assistants.

·       A small amount of these funds help support a summer school program during June each year.

·       Title 1 funds are used annually to support parental involvement and communication.

·       Title 1 funding also allows Alta Vista to have a school based social worker.


Each year, we also send home the Alta Vista school - student - parent compact about the importance of working together as a team to support our children.  We appreciate all your support for learning! 

Pam Horton,
Nov 9, 2012, 11:50 AM